Insight for Arts Managers

Make better decisions to increase sales and income

The RMA offers a comprehensive suite of reports that give vital insights for strategy, forecasting, monitoring and evaluation, as well as dynamic pricing; all based on up to date information, right on your desktop.

The RMA can help you:

  • Plan more effective strategy, including scaling, discounting and subscription
  • Set up forecast models to create more accurate targets
  • Spot opportunities for dynamic pricing early and see how to capitalize on peaks in demand to exceed targets
  • Gain customer insights by eliminating the guesswork and answering important questions about how customers respond to prices
  • Evaluate strategy and report to managers and boards using all the metrics required, including the impact of dynamic pricing

Your data in your hands: With the RMA, the data is in your hands so you can make informed decisions about pricing. You’re in control.

And a great return on investment: Read our case studies to find out how other organizations have used the RMA to increase earned revenue.

Nicole Keating, Senior Director, Ticket Services,  Adrienne Arsht Center:
“The RMA is invaluable to me and my organization.  I use it regularly to help establish prices before shows go on-sale and monitor sales throughout the entire sales period to suggest market driving pricing decisions based upon supply and demand. I can't imagine making pricing decisions without it.”

Kyle Sircus, Marketing Manager, Berkeley Repertory Theatre:
“The RMA is a game changer for us. The Monitoring Dashboard is like one-stop shopping. We can make better decisions easier and faster.”

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