Insight for Arts Managers

Make better decisions to increase sales and income

The RMA offers a comprehensive suite of reports that give vital insights for strategy, forecasting, monitoring and evaluation, as well as dynamic pricing; all based on up to date information, right on your desktop.

The RMA can help you:

  • Plan more effective strategy, including scaling, discounting and subscription
  • Set up forecast models to create more accurate targets
  • Spot opportunities for dynamic pricing early and see how to capitalize on peaks in demand to exceed targets
  • Gain customer insights by eliminating the guesswork and answering important questions about how customers respond to prices
  • Evaluate strategy and report to managers and boards using all the metrics required, including the impact of dynamic pricing

Your data in your hands: With the RMA, the data is in your hands so you can make informed decisions about pricing. You’re in control.

And a great return on investment: Read our case studies to find out how other organizations have used the RMA to increase earned revenue.

Nicole Keating, Senior Director, Ticket Services,  Adrienne Arsht Center:
“The RMA is invaluable to me and my organization.  I use it regularly to help establish prices before shows go on-sale and monitor sales throughout the entire sales period to suggest market driving pricing decisions based upon supply and demand. I can't imagine making pricing decisions without it.”

Amy Catanzaro, Director of Sales, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra:
“I’ve been using the RMA this season to optimize my pricing decisions, and although we’re only halfway through our season, I’ve already received ten times my initial investment in extra income.”

Kyle Sircus, Marketing Manager, Berkeley Repertory Theatre:
“The RMA is a game changer for us. The Monitoring Dashboard is like one-stop shopping. We can make better decisions easier and faster.”

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